In keeping with the general idealism of Yogachara and the particular expression of the storehouse consciousness concept, the Bodhichitta is a mindset of pure compassion and awareness. A quote from the Diamond Sutra illustrates the concept well: “All living beings should be led by me to final nirvana in the realm of nirvana which leaves nothing behind […}.”1 The Bodhichitta, like other Buddhist ideas which still retain vestiges of dualistic conception, is intended to be transcended by a Bodhisattva.

Shantideva begins The Way of the Bodhisattva with an exaltation of Bodhichitta. The Bodhichitta is a seed of generosity watered by the rains of wisdom. The awakened mind of Bodhichitta opens opportunities for the would-be Bodhisattva to help others toward understanding the teachings of the Buddha and achieve enlightenment.

Sanskrit:  Bodhicitta

1Diamond sutra, p.x.