While the Blue Cliff Record and the Gateless Gate are two distinct collections of classic koans, the Book of Equanimity is a greatest hits record.  Some koans from the Blue Cliff Record and some from The Gateless Gate appear in the Book of Equanimity, along with some koans that are unique to the titular book. Koans of The Book of Equanimity:

  1. The World-Honored One Ascends The Platform
  2. Bodhidharma’s Vast Emptiness
  3. An Invitation For The Patriarch
  4. The World-Honored One Points To The Earth
  5. Seigan’s Cost Of Rice
  6. Baso’s White And Black
  7. Yakusan Takes The High Seat
  8. Hyakujo’s Fox
  9. Nansen Cuts A Cat
  10. Joshu Sees Through The Old Woman
  11. Ummon’s Two Sicknesses
  12. Jizo Plants The Field
  13. Rinzai’s Blind Donkey
  14. Attendant Kanu Serves Tea
  15. Kyozan Plants His Mattock
  16. Mayoku Thumps His Staff
  17. Hogen’s Hair’s-Breadth
  18. Joshu’s Dog
  19. Ummon’s Mount Sumeru
  20. Jizo’s “Not Knowing Is The Most Intimate”
  21. Ungan Sweeps The Ground
  22. Ganto’s Bow And Shout
  23. Roso Faces The Wall
  24. Seppo’s Poison Snake
  25. Enkan’s Rhinoceros-Horn Fan
  26. Kyozan Points To Snow
  27. Hogen Points To The Blind
  28. Gokoku’s Three Shames
  29. Fuketsu’s Iron Ox
  30. Daizui’s Kalpa Fire
  31. Ummon’s Free-Standing Pillar
  32. Kyozan’s State Of Mind
  33. Sansho’s Golden Carp
  34. Fuketsu’s Speck Of Dust
  35. Rakuho’s Acquiescence
  36. Baso’s Illness
  37. Isan’s Karmic Consequences
  38. Rinzai’s True Man
  39. Joshu’s Bowl-Washing
  40. Ummon’s Black And White
  41. Rakuho’s Last Moments
  42. Nanyo’s Washbasin
  43. Razan’s Arising And Vanishing
  44. Koyu’s Garuda Bird
  45. The Sutra Of Complete Awakeming
  46. Tokusan’s Completion Of Study
  47. Joshu’s Cypress Tree
  48. Vimalakirti’s Nonduality
  49. Tozan Offers To The Essence
  50. Seppo’s “What’s This?”
  51. Hogen’s “By Boat Or Land”
  52. Sozan’s Dharmakaya
  53. Obaku’s Dregs
  54. Ungan’s Great Compassionate One
  55. Seppo The Rice Cook
  56. Mishi’s White Rabbit
  57. Genyo’s One Thing
  58. The Diamond Sutra’s Reviling
  59. Seirin’s Deadlu Snake
  60. Ryutetsuma’s Old Cow
  61. Kempo’s One Stroke
  62. Beiko’s No Enlightenment
  63. Joshu Asks About Death
  64. Shisho’s Transmission
  65. Shuzan’s New Bride
  66. Kyuho’s Head And Tail
  67. The Avatamsaka Sutra’s Wisdom
  68. Kassan’s Slashing Sword
  69. Nansen’s Cats And Cows
  70. Shinzan Questions The Nature Of Life
  71. Suigan’s Eyebrows
  72. Chuyu’s Monkey
  73. Sozan’s Requited Filial Piety
  74. Hogen’s Substance And Name
  75. Zuigan’s Permanent Principle
  76. Shuzan’s Three Phrases
  77. Kyozan Holds His Own
  78. Ummon’s Farm Rice-Cake
  79. Chosha Advances A Step
  80. Ryuge Passes The Chin Rest
  81. Gensha Comes To The Province
  82. Ummon’s Sounds And Shapes
  83. Dogo’s Nursing
  84. Gutei’s One Finger
  85. The National Teacher’s Seamless Tomb
  86. Rinzai’s Great Enlightenment
  87. Sozan’s With Or Without
  88. The Shurangama’s Unseen
  89. Tozan’s No Grass
  90. Kyozan Respectfully Declares It
  91. Nansen’s Peony
  92. Ummon’s One Treasure
  93. Roso’s Not Understanding
  94. Tozan’s Illness
  95. Rinzai’s One Stroke
  96. Kyuho’s Disapproval
  97. Emperor Ko’s Cap
  98. Tozan’s Heed
  99. Ummon’s Bowl And Pail
  100. Roya’s Mountains And Rivers
Chinese (Pinyin):  Cóngróng Lù